Cargill Production Engineer in Balıkesir, Turkey

Production Engineer

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and over 150 years of experience. We have 150,000 employees in 70 countries who are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where we live and work.


Position Purpose & Summary

According to production planning, responsible for making organizations and programs, following these programs in order to make production appropriate with EHS standarts, quality standarts and food safety standarts. Solves problems related to production, manages performance evaluation process of refinery operators, makes evaluations for new ideas entered in I2I sytem by operators, takes active role in engagement development works, ensures that all the sources in refinery (labor, equipment, knowledge, etc.) are used efficiently, works for improving quality standarts of the plant, works for developing refinery operator’s performance by making necessary plans, determining education requirements of operators.

Principal Accountabilities

40% Production & Planning & Effectiveness & Maintenance and Reliability

  • Prepares daily, weekly and monthly production plan of refinery according to customer demand with planning supervisor.

  • Manages production facilities and makes necessary organizations in order to supply product to customers on time by keeping quality results in spects and without facing any issue related to EH&S, food safety.

  • Follows the KPI and DOP targets continuously, performs all the jobs accordingly and ensures that all the actions are taken by the refinery operators in order to succeed the goals.And attends to monthly plant performance meetings.

  • Participate to budget preperation works and complete all the actions on time.

  • Makes plans for mechanical maintenance jobs in refinery with mechanical department supervisor.

  • Complete all the actions from maintenance & reliability working team.

  • Follows daily operation in refinery by using PQDB,PI, etc. and works with PDG engineer to find new projects in order to solve problems, develop process.

  • Applies the best practices from other Cargill Plants with PDG engineer and follows their performance.

  • Evaluates ideas entered in I2I system by refinery operators and ensures that feasible ones are applied.

  • Coordinates necessary organizations by communicating with mechanical maintenance department in order to solve problems related to the performance of equipments.

30% Source Management

  • Prepares PMP forms of refinery operators and defines KRA’s according to DOP.

  • Determines requirements for operators’ performance devolopments, provides them neceassary resource, follows their performance progress and gives feedback to them.

  • Makes performance evaluation meetings with operators.

  • Prepares PIP form for operators who has low perfarmance and give support them in order to improve their performance.

  • Makes necessary organizations and programs for multi-skill project in order to provide operators new skills for their job.

  • Prepares yearly vacation program of operators.

  • Organizes lead operators meetings, completes all the actions from these meetings, leades to communication improvement in refinery team.

  • Prepares work overtime for of operators.

  • Ensures that all operators obey EHS rules, food safety rules, IP rules,Cargill ethic rules, follows operators behaviors and informs managers immediately in order to find permanent solution in case somebody crosses these rules.

20% Quality & Food Safety

  • Makes necessary organizations and plans in order to make production inspects, follows the process and performs RCA in case there is problem and takes all the actions from RCA.

  • Follows in order to ensure that all the analysis in quality plan are performed on time and correctly. Follows the results and determines the actions for out-off spects.

  • Works on decreasing cost of non-confermence (re-blend, re-process, etc) with quality department and ensures that all the actions are taken on time.

  • Informs production manager, quality supervisor and planning supervisor in case there is serious problem in the process.

  • Attends customer complaint meetings regularly and takes all the actions from these meetings.

  • Attends FSSC22000 internal auidits, customer auidits and ensures that all the actions are completed.

  • Gives support to the teams working on improving food safety system in the plant.

  • Makes neccesary organizations and plans in order to improve CMO score and takes all the actions of CMO auidits.

  • Ensures that all refinery operators attend food safety trainings on time and follow their performances.

  • Works on completing the actions entered in CRM system and follows the results.

  • Organizes Root Cause Analysis meetings for the serious problems and ensures that all the actions are completed on time.

10% EHS, Environment, Health & Safety

  • Knows Cargill EHS standarts very well, provides refinery team learn these standarts, provides the team do all the jobs by applying EH standarts.

  • Attends weekly EHS meetings, EHS tours and takes all the actions from these tours on time.

  • Attends monthly EHS meetings when needed and provides to complete all the actions on time.

  • Gives EHS trainings, provides that all the refinery operators attend EHS trainings.

  • Determines the EHS education requirements of refinery operators which are particular for their jobs.

  • Encourages rafinery operators give innovative ideas in order to improve EHS standarts and follows their performance .

  • Be a member of Steering Commity, planning emergency case practices by determining potential hazards & preventive actions.Taking all these actions during emergencey case practice.


Minimum Required Qualifications

  • Chemical/food/mechanical engineer.

  • Min 2 years experience.

  • Theoretical and pratical knowledge about fructose and glucose production steps.

  • Knows EHS rules and manages application of these rules.

  • Knows quality and food safety rules and manages application of these rules in the process.

  • Knows Cargill general principles related to maintenance and reliability and manages the applications in process.

  • Knows the principles of risk assessment, root cause analysis and application of these problem solving technices in the proses.

  • Having basic knowledge about team management.

  • Having skills for the coordination and communication between the departments.

  • Having planning skills.

  • Result oriented capacity

  • Having analytical thinking and evaluation skills.

  • Having presentation skills.

  • Having team leadership skills.

  • Initiative

  • Proactive

  • Having good knowledge about MS programs.

  • Self motivated.

  • Creative and innovative.

  • Having awareness to work with business partners

  • Having knowledge about unit operations, Heat and Mass Transfers, Fluid Mechanics

Job Operations

Primary Location Turkey-Balıkesir-Balıkesir

Schedule Full-time

Job Type Standard

Shift Day Job

Req ID: BAL00269