Cargill QA Specialist - Materials Receiving in Philippines

QA Specialist - Materials Receiving

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  • Material Receiving, under immediate supervision and/or procedural control, conducts physical and chemical analysis of raw materials

  • Will share responsibility in the timely releasing of physico-chemical test results

  • Will ensure physical standards conformance of raw materials and that correctsampling procedures are implemented at all times

  • Will ensure that all incoming deliveries, primarily ingredients, packaging materials and returned feeds, undergo the needed acceptance tests before releasing the Receiving Tickets,

  • Will perform duties and responsibilities of an Analyst & is in charge of the day-to-day NIR operation including NIR scanning and preventive maintenance,

  • Ensures that all records in Receiving Improvement Sheets are kept accurate and properly maintained

  • Identifies and files samples for retention; disposes of samples in accordance with guidelines; and cleans equipment and work area so that grain quality may be determined & is also in charge insampling and inspection of raw materials at outside warehouses including special projects such as advanced sampling for structural yc buying ,

  • QA Specialist for RM Receiving can also perform duties and responsibilities of a QA Specialist for Operations.

  • Otherspecial projects as may be assigned from time to time Laboratory Supervisor or FSQRManager.


  • Applies correct and accurate sampling method

  • Implements proper sampling plan for all raw materials and recommends improvement in sampling techniques.

  • Conducts sample preparation for raw materials and finished products

  • Conducts sampling and inspection of raw materials at outside warehouses and cocoonson a regular basis

  • Follow procedures for advance sampling to ensure accuracy of results.

  • Assists in sampling of finished products for monitoring purposes and implements the retention sample program for deliveries and FP’s


  • Follows the right SOPs and BMPs on sample preparation andchemical analysis.

  • Performs grinding and microscopy testing on incoming deliveries when needed.

  • Ensures regular housekeeping and preventive maintenance of lab equipments.

  • Performs other functions such as SMS Drug Trax , minor chemical tests like afla, brix, FFA, moisture, and others where appropriate training has been given.


  • Follows NIR BMPs for accurate NIR results at all times. Complies with NIR Audit requirements.

  • Performs NIR scanning of all materials and products requiring NIR analyses including but not limited to incoming delivery samples, in-process materials, finished products, NIR027 validation samples, cross-validation, ABCProgram samples as well as samples from internal and external clients as needed.

  • Ensures that flagged samples are identified and sent to wet chemistry lab for the purpose of calibration development.

  • Performs NIR preventive maintenance regularly and that observed deviations are communicated andacted upon .

  • Ensures that spare lamp, air filter, disposable back covers and other NIRconsumables and tools are readily available when needed.

  • Ensures that the required environmental condition for NIR scanning is maintained and that the NIR unit is alwaysfree from accumulated dusts and dirt.


  • Ensures that all incoming deliveries are logged properly on LIMS, encoded in RISand manual logbook

  • Monitors deliveries (specifically imported RMs) for toxin testing and deliveries which are on hold status and with pending chemical test results.

  • Follows the correct procedures on approval, reconsideration and rejection of deliveries with proper coordination to concerned parties.

  • Ensures that stock transfer deliveries( RM& FP) from Pul or Bal are logged properly and that required data ,referencesandother related documents such as Certificate of Analysis for micro ingredient are available.



  • Always maintain safe work environmentand performs regular housekeeping of work area

  • Familiarize Critical Tasks on Sampling and Unloading, Sample Prep (on equipment used), NIR operation and minor lab chemicals preparation, etc.


Required Qualifications

  • BS in Chemistry or Chemical engineering or otherrelated courses

  • One year work experience

  • One year exposure in laboratory functions andinstrumentations

  • Knowledgeand skills lab equipments

  • Knowledgein analytical principles (chemical and physical)

  • Good communication skills both written and oral

  • Computer literate

Preferred Qualifications

  • BS in Chemistry, BS in Pharmacy, BS in ChemicalEngineering or equivalent in experience and education

  • Basic statistics

  • Work experience in a feedmill as raw materialchecker, NIR scanner and other laboratory analysis

  • Experience in minorlaboratory analysis

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in QualityAssurance in a manufacturing environment

  • Experience in application of quality systems(HACCP, ISO)

  • Knowledgeand skills in sampling techniques, RM & FP standards and labequipment operation

Job Quality Assurance/Food Safety

Primary Location Philippines

Schedule Full-time

Job Type Standard

Shift Day Job

Req ID: PHI00313